I've had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember, and helping you capture your family's memories is my passion.

I have two amazing teenagers, Brady and Elliott, and two crazy dogs, Callie and Annie (or Piggy, as we affectionately refer to her).

I was raised in the DC suburbs of Northern Virginia, and realized my dream of living by the beach when I moved to the Florida panhandle in 2007. A year later I realized my dream of starting my own photography business, and in 2014 I opened the Merriment Photography studio in Navarre.

I would be honored to work with you to create tangible lasting memories for your family.

I am a fully licensed and insured business, and belong to the Professional Photographers of America, National Association of Professional Child Photographers, The Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, and Red Thread Sessions, a photography group providing images to families who have grown through adoption.

Hey, I'm Teresa!

These two guys right here are my world. They are the reason I am a photographer. Brady is 18 and kind, compassionate and a wonderful writer. Elliott is 16 and is gentle, loving and a gifted artist. 

my boys, brady & elliott

my family

We have two dogs, a 13 year old border collie/black lab mix named Callie, who is sweet, loyal, and fiercely protective of her food, and Annie, the mutt who came to stay with us for a couple months but her owner decided not to take her back. She's crazy & wild, but her love and cuddles make us love her anyway :)

Annie (or piggy) the dog

My dogs

The ocean has called my name as long as I can remember, and it never gets old seeing the Gulf of Mexico.

I am at the beach several times a week for sessions, and love spending a couple hours each week on my own time soaking up the sun!

my niece on vacation in myrtle beach, sc

the beach

I'm not loyal to Starbucks, and at home I use instant coffee grounds, but give me iced coffee all day every day over the hot stuff!

Sometimes I switch it up with hazelnut or mocha, but it always has lots of ice.

vanilla iced lattes

I haven't done a ton of traveling in the past, but always enjoy exploring new places especially when I'm with my family. Of course my favorite places I've traveled in the past all include the coast - Puerto Rico, Aruba, Mexico, California. 

I'm slightly obsessed with "Old Florida" and have some plans to travel around the state.

my oldest son in washington dc


My Favorite Things

Here's a snapshot into my world.

A Little Behind The Scenes Of My Life