Jackson & Bryson :: Pace FL Children’s Photographer


I’ve been photographing Jackson and Bryson since I first began Merriment Photography!

Bryson is my first Baby Plan baby, and it was time for another session. I cannot believe how much he’s changed since our last session, and he is so expressive. He sits up like a champ, adores his big brother, and is just overall a happy little guy!

Jackson is a pro at our sessions now. He immediately looks for whatever bench or stool I’ve brought with me, sits down, and starts posing! I wish all the kids I photographed were so into it!

Here’s a preview of the fun session we had yesterday.

Hazelwood 1-22-10-54

Hazelwood 1-22-10-63-2

Hazelwood 1-22-10-144

Hazelwood 1-22-10-134

Hazelwood 1-22-10-100

Hazelwood 1-22-10-74

Hazelwood 1-22-10-96

Hazelwood 1-22-10-200

January 23, 2010

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