Kid in a candy store!


When Miss Addison turned one, her Mama, Brittany, and I had envisioned pretty containers filled with colorful candy. We never even got it set up, however, since Addison wanted nothing to do with me or my camera the day of her birthday session.

So her Mom and I decided to wait a couple of weeks and try again at a location Addison was more familiar with – her Grandparents house in Gulf Breeze! So I showed up early and got everything set up and then I stepped away. Brittany brought Addison out, and once again she wanted nothing to do with me. Big sister Ava came out then, and was in awe of all the candy! She had a great time picking thrugh the colorful gumballs and rock candy, chewing Twizzlers and licking giant swirly-pops! And we even managed to get one picture of both girls together!

January 2, 2013