Sawyer & Lily at Gulf Islands National Seashore


When I pulled into the parking lot at the National Seashore in Gulf Breeze for my photography session with twins Sawyer and Lily, I knew I was in for quite the adventure! Children are usually at least a little bit wary of me and my camera, at least at first, but these guys were hanging out their car window waving and yelling hello’s at me!

There was no having to break the ice with these two – they were totally into all the games we play, and even had ideas of their own. We walked down by the water, and watched all the birds, looked for some seashells, had a jumping contest, and just enjoyed the summer evening. You can see the joy and sense of adventure in their faces, and see how connected they are to each other!

I love the outfits their mom chose for Sawyer and Lily to wear! The pastel colorsĀ are bright and summer-y, but not overpowering.

gulf breeze family portraits.jpg
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gulf breeze children pictures.jpg

June 28, 2014