Spanish Fort Splash Pad & Gulf Coast Balloon Race


Our weekend ended up being fairly busy, as we headed into Alabama both Saturday and Sunday. Here’s an image heavy post of some highlights.

Saturday had scorching high temps over 100, so we decided to head over to the Splash Pad at Eastern Shore Centre in Spanish Fort. The kids had a ton of fun, and we had a great time watching them and trying not to get too wet.



For Father’s Day on Sunday we planned to get up early (really *REALLY* early – 4:30 am!) so that we could head over to Foley for the Gulf Coast Balloon Festival. The balloons were scheduled to to be back at the fields around 6 am. It was tough getting up so early, but it was worth it! We saw tons of hot air balloons, and they gave out a pamphlet with pictures of all the balloons so the kids tracked which ones we saw.





At the Festival there were lots of other activities, so we headed over to check out the 7:30 show of theĀ  “Disc-Connected K-9’s” world champion frisbee dogs! It was really fun to watch, and this husband and wife team are awesome in the support of homeless, abused, and shelter dogs! The kids thought it was cool, and wanted to stay for the noon show, but it was way too hot!



After the show we were able to take pictures with the dogs. Check out the blue eyes on this Australian Sheppard!



June 24, 2009

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